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Thunder practice room assignments:

Practice room assignments, days, times, and locations ~ attached information


- Wrestlers are assigned to a practice group based on age, weight, and skill level.  

- Adjustments are often made upon coach evaluations of skill level, availability of partners, and wrestler attitude, and mental toughness.

- Boys and girls are integrated with all groups.

DSYS practice schedule for Season 2016-17:

DSYS practices are expected to begin the first week of November. 

DSYS plans to have four groups listed in order of least to most experienced:

Blue ~ advanced middle school and 5th grade wrestlers, focused on drilling, chain wrestling, and advanced techniques that build on a strong understanding of the basics (kids must be very mature and have the ability to focus in this group)
Gold ~ mostly middle school, and additionally 5th grade wrestlers, that still need to gain a grasp of the basics/new to the sport or experienced wrestlers not quite ready for advanced practices
Silver ~ typically experienced elementary school wrestlers in the 2nd – 4th grade that have at least one prior year of experience
Black ~ typically younger elementary school kids and beginners in grades K- 4th


Practice locations are available at three locations:

- John Champe HS

- Freedom HS

- Rock Ridge HS


Other details:

DSYS wrestlers have numerous opportunities to participate in practices, camps, clinics, tournaments, and events. This sport is for boys and girls in grades K-8th with a wide variety of experience levels from beginners to advanced. Kids may participate in practices without ever competing if they choose so that they may grow into the sport at their own pace. 

The benefits of the sport of wrestling are enormous. Clearly kids become more physically fit as compared to other sports. Most kids tremendously improve in other valuable ways including their ability to focus, channel their emotions, learn determination and perseverance, confidence, self esteem, a sense of accomplishment, sense of team, and good sportsmanship whether through wins and losses. 

Skill level and determination are the principal keys to success, and although this is a male dominated sport, young ladies do exceptionally well especially at the younger ages and often achieve a great deal of success.

Practices are held at John Champe, Freedom, and Rock Ridge.

Local area schools, maps, and information

Wrestling at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels are very different than what is seen on TV, and the sport contains many checks and balances to maintain a positive and safe atmosphere. See more on safety.

The main part of the competitive program revolves around the NVWF structure (www.nvwf.net) which is a 10 county wide program consisting of 30-plus clubs in the northern Virginia area. This program is an "individual open" style tournament format where individuals compete against one another based on age, weight, and experience. Overview of NVWF

Middle school age kids may potetially participate in the Mason Dixon league in lieu of NVWF on Sundays in January and February between Front Royal and beyond Winchester along the route 81 corridor. 

DSYS also participates in duals whereby teams compete against one another. This program principally uses the Sterling VA TOP facility on Friday evenings once per month for elementary school kids and Saturdays twice per month for middle school kids during the January and February period. (http://www.topofthepodium.org/). 

DSYS wrestlers also may enter "open" tournaments throughout PA, VA, MD, DE, NJ and VA areas. Sources include:



Some of the more advanced wrestlers also participate in CAWL which is a duals format in the Washington metropolitan area (http://www.cawlwrestling.com/). 

DSYS coaches regularly share information related to all of these forums, so please ask questions.