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7th/8th grade Middle School HEAT Travel Tryout Registration is open with instructions sent via email.

*Reminder you MUST be registered in our 7th & 8th grade House (rec) Program in order to try out.

The purpose of this program is to give highly skilled players who are looking for a challenge the opportunity to grow beyond their regular recreation (house) team.  We have opened registration in order to assist with the check-in process and the pre-requisite of being registered with the 7/8th grade House (Rec) program.   

There is no promise or guarantee that your player will be selected to be a part of the HEAT program. This program does require an additional fee if your daughter is selected. 

This program will include an additional night of practice which is non-negotiable (Mondays 6:10 pm to 7:45 pm) with games on Wednesday Evening and the location of these games will vary as per the SYA travel program schedule. Please be advised that we do not have any say or ability to change the game schedule as it is governed by SYA.  

Please be mindful that the positions on this team will be very limited. We will only be able to take 10-12 players for this team. We are expecting a fairly large turnout. We would love to take everyone however we are just simply not able to. A lot will be expected of the players and we look forward to some very good competition.

Playoffs for the 2018 Recreation Season

Best 2 of 3 sets wins

Single elimination


3/4 Grade:


5/6 Grade:



7/8 Grade:




DSYS does not have a summer program but below are links to our affiliates who do have offerings! Keep checking for fall clinics and Winter/Spring Club registration as well as the 2018 Spring Recreation Registration .



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