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updated as of July 4, 2018

Fall 2018 Season Registration Options

- Only kids with at least one prior year of experience may register for this season

- Several registration options are proivded each with its own online registration link

(1) Monday evening practices for grades 5-8 (and select tough 4th graders that can focus)

Registration Online (soon to be posted) ~ Click Here

(2) Tuesday evening practices for grades 1-4

Registration Online (soon to be posted) ~ Click Here

(3) Other regular practice sessions soon to be announced as coaches become available

Registration Online (soon to be posted) ~ Click Here

(4) Clinics and mini-camps will be announced as they become available (separate payment required)

Camps, clinics, tournaments posted on separate tab

(5) Intro-To-Wrestling sessions are free to all ages, and provided as available


Fall 2018 Intro-To-Wrestling Registration

- This is for new kids unfamiliar with the sport of wrestling

- All ages are invited (boys or girls)

Information Online (soon to be posted) ~ Click Here