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Lightning "open" style competitions (for anyone interested)
Typically for kids with one or more years of experience but anyone can enter
Periodically available on Saturdays or Sundays throughout the season
Contact Bill Marck if interested at 571-338-5669, 
Schedule ~ click here



Lightning team members are wrestlers who would like to wrestle in tournaments outside of the regular schedule such as those found in PA, MD, DE, VA, NJ and others.

Lightning is not limited to advanced wrestlers, and in fact wrestlers are encouraged to experience competition in the larger "open" style format whereby mat awareness comes in play. 

DSYS Blue Team coaches are in charge of coordinating these events which typically occur on saturdays and sundays throughout the main season as well as the rest of the year. Many good events are found nearby in the October/November timeframe as well as March. 

A separate email list is maintained for this purpose so parents are encouraged to provide interested names to Bill Marck to further obtain information. 


Typical registration process for individual "open" style tournaments

- registration usually closes several days prior to the date of a tournament, and could be two weeks prior for elite tournaments

- weighins are often the evening prior to the event unless satellite weighins are otherwise coordinated; sometimes weighins are provided early on the morning of an event but read the flyers carefully

- start times are often 9:00 am for all age groups, however, sometimes age groups are staggered throughout the day so read flyers carefully

- brackets or round robin groups are generally posted on the walls in the halls whereby brackets are structured as double elimination and round robin can create 3-5 matches for everyone in the group

- mat assignments may vary whereby kids sometimes are on one mat for the entire duration and other places move bouts all over so to speed up the process

Weight classes for individual "open" style tournaments

There are two common approaches to weight classes:

- actual numbered weight classes such as 40, 45, 50, 55, ... 200, 210, 220, etc

- madison system weight classes are formed by taking kids of a certain age group (typically 2-year increments) and sometimes divided further into experience levels, then taking the kids closest in weight to form a group or bracket with a maximum weight variance of 10% spread

Typical rules for individual "open" style tournaments

- matches for younger kids are generally three 60-second periods

- matches for older kids are generally three 90-second periods

- overtime rules vary but generally are one minute neutral followed by 30-second rideout periods