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Dulles Duals Winter Activities

Teams may compete against one another similar to the style seen at most high school matches.

Top of the Podium (TOP) is the main host for these events held on Friday evenings and select Saturdays through the winter season. 

Basic Division will be comprised of first and second year kids.

Advanced Division will be comprised of the more advanced kids along with any other wrestlers that want to gain additional experiences. 

The format is under construction but will be similar to last year's where weight classes were filled for kids in 2-3 year age brackets. 


Format for team rosters, ages, weights

The attached example shows last year's format used to populate rosters.

Example attachment

The goal was to match kids around the same ages, weight, and experience where possible. If kids were outside of the weight or age boundaries, they would be noted as "exceptions" whereby coaches strived to match them with opponents who were close. If opponents met the requirement in terms of the defined age/weight class, and if that opponent was in the lower end of the age/weight scale then it would be possible that the match would not occur so not to cause to great a disadvantage.