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updated as of July 4, 2018

Background investigations and certifications

All adults that want to coach are required to obtain a certificate or email notification that shows a successful completion of the background evaluation, and shall come from the private process identified on the USA Wrestling website.

The renewal period begins August 1st of each year regardless of the date of purchase for either the background check or coach card. However, the background check is good for two years ending July 31st of the subsequent year. And, the coach card may be purchased for a one year or a two year period also ending on July 31st. 

Purchases may be made as follows:




The process is initiated by the person pursuing the evaluation, and generally takes anywhere between a couple of days to several weeks depending on each person. 

The results of the background check are private between the adult and investigative organization in accordance with USA Wrestling based in Colorado. DYS and NVWF officials do not see the results. 

Once complete, adults may obtain a USA Coach Card themselves or by asking DYS to obtain one for them. 

Submit the paper showing successful completion to DYS staff for the files. 

Coaches Certification

All coaches are required to obtain an annual USA Coach membership card which is generally reimbursed by DYS. The membership and card may be obtained after the background evaluation is complete. The coach card is different than the Bronze, Silver, Gold certification process. A bronze certification is good enough, if desired, for our club activities. 



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