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Typical registration & participation process for NVWF tournaments

- once wrestlers register for DSYS they are required to additionally register with NVVF once for the entire winter season

- wrestlers merely show up on the day of the tournament during the pre-announced weighin periods

- start times begin 9:00 am for the younger age groups, and when complete, the older age groups systematically arrive thereafter

- round robin groups are generally posted on the walls in the halls to create groups of four whereby each person gets at most three matches

- groups are assigned one mat or station for the duration of the event

Weight classes for NVWF tournaments are formed via the Madison format

- madison system weight classes are formed by taking kids of a certain age group (typically 2-year increments) and sometimes divided further into experience levels, then taking the kids closest in weight to form a group or bracket with a maximum weight variance of 10% spread

Typical rules for NVWF tournaments

- matches for younger kids are generally three 60-second periods

- matches for older kids are generally three 90-second periods

- overtime rules vary but generally are one minute neutral followed by 30-second rideout periods

Example NVWF Tournaments & Table Formats

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