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Registration for the Spring 2018 season is now open! 

Register for 8U softball HERE

Register for 10U softball HERE

Is DSYS Softball affiliated with Little League or Babe Ruth Softball?

  • DSYS Softball is not affiliated with Little League or Babe Ruth softball.  DSYS Softball will align its rules and structure to make the transition from house league to travel ball to high school and even college softball a more natural progression.  Little League softball rules differ greatly from high school and college rules.


  • DSYS Softball officials live in the Dulles South region of Loudoun County.  DSYS Softball looks to create lasting bonds from girls playing together and growing up loving the sport of softball from their earliest years all the way through their high school careers.


Is DSYS Softball a member of the Loudoun County Softball Alliance (LCSA)?

  • DSYS Softball is not currently a member of the LCSA but anticipates joining the Alliance before the Spring 2016 starts.  Aligning with the LCSA will give DSYS Softball a partnership that allows all its teams the chance to play quality, high level of competition between the LCSA leagues.  All members of the LCSA share knowledge and best practices to ensure we all deliver the best softball experience possible for all Loudoun County residents conveniently in their own communities.  


When will registration start and what are the fees for the Spring season?

  • Registration for the Spring 2016 season is now open! 
    • Register for 8U softball HERE
    • Register for 10U softball HERE


Is my daughter eligible to play this Spring?

  • DSYS Softball is focused on girls from the Dulles South/Route 50 Corridor but registration is open to all Loudoun County girls that meet the age requirements for each age bracket.  A player’s “playing age” will be determined by the player’s age on 31 December 2015.  Specifically, the age criteria for each bracket will be:
    • 8U – 1/1/2007 through 12/31/2008
    • 10U – 1/1/2005 through 12/31/2006


Why are there only 8U and 10U teams?

  • As DSYS Softball is just being created, we want to ensure the proper quality if provided based on what people in the Dulles South region has come to expect from other DSYS sports.  DSYS Softball will re-evaluate its operations after each Spring and Fall season in order to ensure we are meeting the demand for our sport.


Can my daughter play in a different age group (play-up or play-down)?

  • Requests to have your daughter play-up or play-down will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Once registration is complete, please send your request to


When does the season run and when are the practices and games?

  • The season will run from approximately 28 March through 11 June.  Each team can expect to have two weeknight commitments (practice and/or game) and a game each Saturday during the season. 


  • Fields will not be allocated by Loudoun County Parks and Recreation until the February/March timeframe but all practices will be in the Dulles South area.  As part of the Loudoun County Softball Alliance, some games may take place in other areas of the County but these will be limited and only on Saturdays.


How will teams be determined and can I request a specific coach or teammate?

  • Following the conclusion of the registration period, an evaluation of players will be conducted by DSYS Softball.  Teams will then be formed using the evaluation to ensure teams are as equally divided as possible.  Only children of the Head Coach and their designated Assistant Coach will be guaranteed a specific team. 


What equipment/uniforms does DSYS Softball supply?

  • We will supply each player with a team shirt and socks.  Each team will also have helmets, bats, and catching gear available to the players.  Each player is required to have their own glove, cleats, and softball pants/shorts.


How do I sign up to be a Head Coach or Assistant Coach?

  • DSYS Softball greatly appreciates, welcomes, and encourages parent volunteers.  You can sign up to be a Head Coach or Assistant Coach during the registration process.  If you decide to volunteer after registration process is complete, or if you would like to volunteer in other ways, please send an email to .  Please note that all volunteers are required to pass a background check prior to confirmation and any contact with players.


Will you have an All Star team to play in the summer?

  • At this time, it has not been determined whether or not there will be a DSYS Softball All Star team in this coming Summer.  We will continue to evaluate the interest and demand for such a team as we move forward.


Does DSYS Softball have a travel team?

  • DSYS Softball does not have a travel team but has an agreement with the Loudoun Inferno travel softball organization to work together to help provide a natural progression for girls looking to move from one level of competition to the next.  More information on the Loudoun Inferno organization can be found at www.loudouninferno.org.



Please contact softball@dullesyouth.com with any questions.