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DYS Softball is currently in a non-active status for Spring 2018, due to lack of volunteers.  If you are interested in reviving this sport so our girls can practice and play locally, we would love to hear from you.

DYS Softball was created in December 2015 after an examination of the status of softball in the Dulles South / Route 50 Corridor showed a lack of availability for young girls in the area.  While other areas of Loudoun County has girls softball leagues that are convenient to their immediate areas, no such organization provided such an opportunity for softball directly to the areas of South Riding, Stone Ridge, Brambleton, and Aldie.

DYS decided to continue its tradition of bringing competitive sports programs to the Dulles South region by adding softball to its offerings starting in the Spring of 2016.    

DYS Softball looks to create a culture in the Dulles South region of lasting bonds from girls playing together and growing up loving the sport of softball from their earliest years all the way through their high school careers. 

Please contact softball@dullesyouth.com with any questions.